Apply to be Featured

Apply to be Featured

Castbox values your work. In an effort to help your podcast reach a wider audience on Castbox, we provide the opportunities to apply to be featured on Castbox in the banner or Editors' Picks on the homepage. We will review the applications regularly and feature qualified podcasts. 
Please note that we’d love to accept every show, but only a small portion have the audience size, content quality and growth potential that fit our current strategic goals. Due to the volume of applications we receive you will only hear from us if your show fits these criteria. 
If your show is qualified, we will contact you within 1-2 weeks. It might take longer if there is a holiday. 
For qualified shows, we can feature them for a week for once. For each applicant, you can only apply for banner promotion once every two months. 
Due to limited resources, effective from April 25th, 2023, our team no longer manually review banners and Editors' Picks for the Iranian region. Instead, an algorithm will recommend relevant podcasts directly. As a result, we NO LONGER accept manual feature requests from our Iranian podcasters.

Prerequisites (for first-time applicants)

Applications that don't meet the first three standards won't be reviewed.
1. Your podcast can be found on Castbox. If not, please submit the show to Castbox first. 
2. Claim ownership. You can find the associated user account ID in the app Personal - your profile. Fill out the field "Claimed Account ID" in the form. 
3. Social Media Mentions:
  1. Mention Castbox in your Twitter profile bio. Follow this example: Listen on @Castbox_fm. Subscribe: put your Castbox channel link here (If you don't have an official account, the host's Twitter account is also fine).
  2. Share your Castbox channel on Twitter and tag @Castbox_fm. Copy the link to this tweet and put it in the field "Tweet Link" in the form. 
4. Add a Castbox badge and embedded player to your official website. Fill out the field "Website URL" (with Castbox badge/embedded player) in the form. 

Qualification Standards

There are two promotion options with specific standards. You can know which option your podcast is qualified for based on the following standards. 
U.S. banners are not open for application now. Wonder how to get featured, reach us at
At least 1000 subscribers on Castbox (statistics from other platforms are not taken into account). 
Required field in the form
Banner image Link. Please put the link to the artwork in the form. 
Material Specifications
An artwork of 720x400 pixels with all important texts/images within the 720x256 area for banner spot, measured from the bottom. Check the attached guideline below and upload the artwork to a cloud storage platform like Google Drive or Dropbox. 
At least three published episodes in your podcast already. New empty podcasts will be rejected right away. 

To apply, please click to fill out the Feature Application Form here (the login of Google account required). If your show've been featured once, do not submit a second application.

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