Bluetooth issues

Bluetooth Related Issues (Android)

Car Bluetooth

If you have connected Castbox to your Car Bluetooth before, it is possible that the next time you get in the car (when Bluetooth reconnected), the app would automatically play where you left off (last played episode). Then, to disable such kind of autoplay, please go to the app Personal tab - Settings - Block receiver auto play and turn this setting on. 

Bluetooth headphone

If you have problem with Bluetooth controls (Playback, Fast forward, Rewind), please describe the problem and send us your log when it happens again.
Please go to your Castbox "Personal" tab - "About" - "Contact us" - "Submit report via email..." and send us an email in this way. Then we could get to know your log for further analysis . 

If you have playback pause problem when connect Castbox to Bluetooth devices, please refer to this article -

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