Can I see the whole length/duration of my playlist?

Can I see the whole length/duration of my playlist?

Yes, you can see it on the app Library tab - Playlists - choose one playlist and enter it - under the title of the playlist, as shown below.

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    • How can I directly access my downloads, subscriptions, playlist and new Episodes?

      For Android users If you are are using Android 7.1 and above, you may press and hold the Castbox icon on your phone to use the shortcut feature - four options will appear - "Subscribed", "Downloaded", "Playlist" and "New Episodes". You can also add ...
    • How to rename or delete a playlist?

      You can feel free to rename or delete a playlist, except for the default one - "My Playlist". For Android users 1) you can rename or delete the playlists under "My playlist".    2) click to enter a playlist - the "three vertical dots" icon on the top ...
    • Can I see the subtitles of podcasts?

      Sorry but we don't have this feature. If you want to see the transcripts of certain podcasts, please go to their website. You can go to the website directly through the link in the podcast details page. 
    • Can I auto download the episodes in the playlist (Android)?

      Yes, you can auto download the episodes in your playlist by tapping the button in the top right corner – entering “Playlist Settings”- turn on "Playlist auto download". Or you can go Settings- Auto download- Playlist auto download. Still can't find ...
    • How can I hide played episodes/only see unplayed episodes?

      Yes, please go to the Channel Info page, tap the "filter" button under "COMMENTS" and choose "unplayed". You could also filter "downloaded" episodes. This feature is available both in the Android and iOS versions.  If you are an Android user, you ...