Castbox Premium Subscription

What is Castbox Premium/membership? How can I subscribe to it?

Castbox Premium is the paid version of the app with the following premium features.

a) No ads (visual). You won’t see any graphic ads or video ads while launching the app or anywhere else in the app.
b) Unlimited subscriptions. Free users are limited to subscribe to 100 channels only, after upgrading to the premium version, you can enjoy an unlimited number of your subscribed channels.
c) Personalized Homepage. You can set the Library page as the default homepage, once this feature is turned on in the app settings, next time if you open the app, what you can see first is your Library page.
d) Advanced Playback Settings. You can set custom Playback Effects (Speed, Volume boost, Trim silence) for individual podcasts. Also, you can set a custom duration to skip at the beginning of a podcast.
For free users, the Playback Effects are global settings, so changing speed or volume boost applies it for all podcasts. However, with Advanced Playback Settings, premium users can set different playback effects for different podcasts.
e) Your email will be replied at the earliest convenience of the support team.
f) If any new feature is released, you can enjoy it first.

To subscribe to the Premium, please go to the app "Personal" page, click "Castbox Premium", to process this. Or, you can click the "Premium" button on the "Discover" tab to process this. And you can see different subscription plans there. If you do not add any payment method in Google Play, you have to add one to continue.

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