Create a Premium Channel on Castbox

Create a Premium Channel on Castbox

Hello Podcaster,

Would you like to monetize your content on Castbox?

Yes, we know this is your big plan. The great news is that you can now apply to have a premium channel on Castbox. All you need to do is just choose to create a premium channel in Creator Studio and submit a form. We will reach out to you and initiate the content reviewing process. 

No worries about hosting. Premium channels can be hosted either on Castbox or other platforms. Also, you can decide how your listeners pay for your premium channel. One-time purchase, monthly and annually subscription are all supported. 

By default, all episodes in a premium channel can only be played by paid listeners. However, you can specify which episodes are premium. Thus premium bonus episodes or premium archived episodes are allowed to be mixed with free episodes in a premium channel. 

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