Creator's Memo

Creator's Memo

Hello, podcasters!

We're happy to announce that you can now send a memo to your listeners on Castbox, as shown in the screenshot below. 

Use Cases for Creator's Memo

  1. Complement your audio content
    1. Link the memo to a blog, a post on social media, or a video on YouTube that you mentioned in your show. 
  2. Monetize your content
    1. Add a link to your Patreon page or Paypal page in the memo. 
  3. Sell merchandise on your channel
    1. Put a "Buy Now" button on the memo for the T-Shirts, Posters, and Mugs in your store.  

How to enable Creator's Memo (beta) in Creator Studio?

To enable this feature, please first claim ownership of your podcast and then contact Once enabled, it will appear on the left panel in your Creator Studio

How to create a memo?

Before creating a memo, please note that your account must be associated with at least one channel that either you created or claimed on Castbox.

To start, click the "Create Memo" button.  A window will pop out. 

No worries. We will explain everything and go through the steps to create a memo. 

Channel Memos

You can attach a memo to a channel or an episode in the channel. A memo attached to your channel is a channel memo. It can be displayed on every episode in your channel. 

Episode Memos

A memo attached to specific episodes is an episode memo. It will be displayed only on the episodes that you specified while creating the memo. 

Memo Priority

An episode memo will overwrite a channel memo. 

Therefore, you are able to create a generic channel memo, and then create some episode memos to show the highlights of these episodes. 

Visibility Limitation

Castbox users could only see one memo within one hour. This means your memo won't be displayed to the users who have seen a memo within an hour. This applies to all Castbox users including you. 

Steps to Create a Memo

  1.  Attach the memo to a channel or episodes in a channel. 
  2.  Toggle off the "Status" switch if you prefer to preview the memo. 
  3.  Name the memo that you're creating for future management. 
  4.  Check out the screenshot below to see how the data fields are linked to the components in a memo. 
  5.  Write thoughtfully and upload images that meet your need. 
  6. Click "Submit" to finish. 

Memo Management

After submitting the memo, it will be displayed in the memo management panel. You can preview the memo by unfolding it. Memos that you deleted or turned off while creating could be found by clicking the drop-down menu on the top right corner. 

Feel free to contact if you have any questions. 

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