What is the difference between "Playlist" and "Next Up"/"Up Next"?

What is the difference between "Playlist" and "Next Up"/"Up Next"?

The “Playlist” and the “Next Up” list are not the same (or always consistent).

“Playlist” consists only of episodes you’ve added (by clicking the “three lines and a plus” button). “Next Up” shows upcoming episodes of a podcast you’re currently listening to.
Instead of the “Playlist” order, Castbox will default to and prioritize the “Next up” order. This might cause that some episodes in your playlist to play out of order.

For example, if you play an episode directly from a channel’s page, your “Playlist” order will stay the same but your “Next up” list will show a list of episodes from the channel that’s currently playing.

Or, if you choose to play an episode directly from your “Downloads” list, your “Next up” list will consist of episodes in your “Downloads”. Even if this episode is also on your “Playlist”, the “Next up” list will still follow your “Downloads” list because the current episode was played from the “Downloads” list.

After you finish rearranging your “Playlist”, please pause the episode that’s currently playing and resume by tapping it in your “Playlist”. This way, the episodes in your “Next up” list will be updated to the same as those in the Playlist that you have just arranged.

You can also rearrange the order of the episodes in the “Next up” section and all changes made there will be applied instantly.

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