FAQ for Livecast Hosts

FAQ for Livecast Hosts

How do I schedule a Livecast? 

For Android users - On the "Room Setup" page, tap on "Schedule" to set a date, time, and description.

For Web users - go to your "Creator Studio" - "Media Manager" - "Livecast" and click "Live Schedule".

How many people can join a Livecast?

Any number of participants can join your room as listeners, and eight listeners can dial in at one time.

How do I remove unwanted participants?

If you’re facing inappropriate messages or unwanted calls, remove the user by navigating to his profile, then tap the ellipsis button at the top-right corner and hit “Block.” The user will be removed from the room and can no longer follow you or enter your Livecasts. You can also review and unblock users by navigating to your Block list.

You can also appoint other participants as admin to give them blocking privileges.

Can I choose not to have call-ins?

Yes - the group  function can be toggled on and off.

How do virtual gifts work?

Castbox users can purchase Coins and use them to send a variety of virtual gifts to their hosts during a Livecast. These are converted into Stars, which you can cash out by heading to “My Wallet” under the “Personal” tab.

How do I record and upload Livecast episodes?

This feature is currently available for Livecasts hosted on Android and desktop browsers.

On the “Room Setup” page, tap . After your session has ended, the recording will appear in your Drafts folder as a “Replay.” This recording can be uploaded and published. Tap "Podcaster" button to find your draft recordings, replays, and channels.

Can I cash out virtual gifts?

Yes! Virtual gifts are converted into Stars, which can be cashed out by going to “My Wallet” under the “Personal” tab.

Feel free to contact livecast@castbox.fm for further assistance. 

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    • How to start with a mobile device

      Feel free to contact livecast@castbox.fm for more information. 
    • How to start on a desktop computer

      Click to open Creator Studio. Feel free to contact livecast@castbox.fm for more information. 
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