Import subscriptions from other podcasts to Castbox

How can I import subscriptions from other podcast apps to Castbox? Try OPML Import!

Please go to Castbox app "Personal tab" - click "Settings" - scroll down, and you will see the "OPML Import" option, click it, and then following the instructions in the app.

Android version:

If you are using our purple version, you can click to "Import from the old Castbox"; 

If you are using other podcast apps (such as Stitcher, Pocket Casts, Podcast Addict, AntennaPod, etc.), after you export the OPML file from another app, then you can click to "Import from other Podcast" and upload your exported OPML file.

If you'd like to import subscriptions to our purple version, please go to the purple app - sidebar - Settings - Import & Export and click OPML Import to upload the file.

iOS version:

We support to import from Apple Podcasts and other podcast apps.

To import from other Podcast apps (such as, Stitcher, Podcast App, Overcast, Pocket Casts, etc), please export the file from another podcast app first, and then choose to open it in Castbox; or, you can find an OPML file in your local storage, and choose to open in in Castbox.

To import from Apple Podcasts, for the subscriptions from which you have already downloaded episodes, they could be imported by just one click. Please note that if you do not download an episode from a subscribed podcast in Apple Podcasts, this podcast may not be imported successfully.

For more info, please feel free to reach us at Thank you!