How to delete my comment?

How to delete my comment?

Please swipe upward until you come to the Recent Comments section and find your comment according to the date.

You can tap the more button at the bottom right corner and choose "Delete".

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      1) To comment on a channel: please go to the "Channel Info" page and tap the "COMMENTS" under "Subscribed" button. 2) To comment on an episode: you could tap the the comment icon on the preview (half) page or Now Playing page. You can also comment ...
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      You can feel free to rename or delete a playlist, except for the default one - "My Playlist". For Android users 1) you can rename or delete the playlists under "My playlist".    2) click to enter a playlist - the "three vertical dots" icon on the top ...
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      1. Please reach us at with your Castbox account info - which method (Google, Twitter or Facebook, etc.) you use to log in and the email address of this login method. We would double confirm the account info with you and further ...
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