How to replace the audio file?

How to replace the audio file?

Please follow the steps as shown in the screenshot below: enter creator studio- episodes- edit- replace audio file -save changes.

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    • What types of audio file can be uploaded to Castbox?

      You can upload audio files of almost all popular types, such as Wave(WAV), MP3, MP4, AAC and M4A. Feel free to create a channel and try uploading your recording. In addition, the maximum file size is 400M.
    • Why am I still hearing audio ads after I go premium?

      We are very sorry that all audio content, including the audio ads, is made and provided by the podcasters, thus we cannot remove such audio ads.
    • Can the playback automatically jump the silent part of the audio (Trim silence)?

      Yes, you may tap the adjustment button (two uneven dotted lines and is located in the top right-hand corner of your episode page) and enable the “Trim Silence” feature. This feature will help reduce the length of episodes by cutting out pauses and ...
    • My saved drafts are lost from my Android phone.

      You can check if the recordings exist under your phone’s file directory CastBox/record. If you find them there, you can tap the cloud icon on the recording page and find the recordings by selecting “Audio” in the sidebar.
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      Have you finally decided to start a podcast? Are you overwhelmed by the fancy features offered by other expensive hosting providers? No worries! By using Castbox, you are just a few taps away from creating your first podcast for free. There is no ...