Mark all episodes as played/unplayed

Mark all episodes as played/unplayed

These two features work for your subscribed podcasts.

You can enter the "Show Info" page of a subscribed podcast, and click the "three vertical dots" button on the top right corner to get these two features. Then you can choose to make all episodes in this channel as played or unplayed, as shown in the following screenshot.

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    • How can I mark as played or unplayed?

      To mark all as played/unplayed Tap the button at the top right corner of the Show Info page and select Mark All as Played/Unplayed. To mark individual episodes as played/unplayed In the Android app Hold on the episode title and selecting the check ...
    • How can I hide played episodes/only see unplayed episodes?

      Yes, please go to the Channel Info page, tap the "filter" button under "COMMENTS" and choose "unplayed". You could also filter "downloaded" episodes. This feature is available both in the Android and iOS versions.  If you are an Android user, you ...
    • How can I only listen to the unplayed episodes? (Android)

      Please go to app "Settings" - "Auto Skip" and turn the options on. In this way, only unplayed episodes will appear in your "Next Up".  "All subscriptions" is the global setting to control. Also, you can click to set this for individual podcasts. The ...
    • How to mark my podcast as explicit?

      Currently, Castbox only display explicit labels on our web player. We will make efforts to support this feature on Castbox Android and iOS App in future updates.  Apart from that, you could mark your content as explicit by following guide below.  For ...
    • Why do downloaded episodes need the Internet to stream again?

      If the downloaded episodes cannot be played or need to be streamed again, it is possible that they had been removed or their source had been broken. Normally, the playback progress bar of your downloaded episodes should be “filled” with the gray ...