How can I mark as played or unplayed?

How can I mark as played or unplayed?

To mark all as played/unplayed

Tap the button at the top right corner of the Show Info page and select Mark All as Played/Unplayed.

To mark individual episodes as played/unplayed

In the Android app

Hold on the episode title and selecting the check mark box at the top. To do this for multiple episodes, press and hold on an episode, then select the episodes you'd like to mark as played/unplayed.

In the iOS app

1) Swipe the episode to the left and tap the grey ''Played" button or swipe to the very left until the episode turns grey itself.
2) Swipe the episode to the left and tap the green ''Unplayed" button or swipe to the very left until the episode turns back to the normal color itself.
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