Recent App Crash - Cannot open the app

Recent App Crash - Cannot open the app

If you're experiencing a bunch of apps suddenly crashing on your recent Samsung phone, you're not alone. This afternoon US time, reports from dozens, then hundreds of users on the Samsung subreddit started coming in, complaining of apps crashing on their phones, constantly and seemingly at random. It's causing some major headaches.

(This issue is not caused by Castbox/Podcast Player, but it is relevant to the latest version of Android System Webview.)

How to Fix the Recent App Crashes

Please go to the main Android Settings menu, then tap "Apps & Notifications" (just "Applications" on some phones). Find Android System Webview in the list and tap it. (If you can't see the app, check the three-dot menu and tap "show system apps.") Do not disable the app.


Tap the three-dot menu at the top right of this screen, then select "Uninstall updates." This won't uninstall Android System Webview completely—it's an essential component, and many apps will cease to function without it. Instead, it will remove the updates installed from the Play Store and restore it to the version that came with your phone. This isn't ideal, but it's better than having a phone that can't go thirty seconds without an app crash.

Tap "OK" on the warning that pops up, and you should be done. If you're still seeing constant app crashes, try a reboot of your phone.

Hopefully, and assuming that this is a problem with Android System Webview, a further update will fix the issue soon. If you see the app crashing problem return, try repeating the steps above—the Play Store may have automatically updated the app without alerting you.

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