How do I remove downloaded episodes?

How do I remove downloaded episodes?

Please note that you cannot delete downloaded episodes directly on the channel info page.

To remove downloaded episodes, please go to Library - Downloads. You can tap the dustbin button to delete individual episodes.

For Android users, you can hold an episode and then select others to delete multiple episodes at one time. 

For both of Android and iOS users, tap the icon at the top right and you can find the "Delete All" option. 

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    • Can I listen to downloaded episodes offline?

      Yes, if you have already downloaded the episodes, they’ll be available in your downloads even if you can’t get WiFi. You can access your downloads by going to the “Library” page and clicking on “Downloads.” Still can't find what you're looking for? ...
    • Why do downloaded episodes need the Internet to stream again?

      If the downloaded episodes cannot be played or need to be streamed again, it is possible that they had been removed or their source had been broken. Normally, the playback progress bar of your downloaded episodes should be “filled” with the gray ...
    • How can I hide played episodes/only see unplayed episodes?

      Yes, please go to the Channel Info page, tap the "filter" button under "COMMENTS" and choose "unplayed". You could also filter "downloaded" episodes. This feature is available both in the Android and iOS versions.  If you are an Android user, you ...
    • How can I sort episodes in Downloads section?

      1.  Click on the "three vertical dots" button in the top right corner. 2. Tap "Sort By" and choose from two options: Time downloaded or Time updated. If you want to sort the episodes from oldest to newest/newest to oldest, please check this out: How ...
    • How to delete one of my episodes from my channel?

      If your podcast is hosted on other platforms, please remove the episode from your RSS feed. If the problem persists, please contact us via Also, please note that you won't be able to directly delete episodes on Castbox even if you ...