How to skip to the previous or next episode in the app?

How to skip to the previous or next episode in the app?

Please click the cover area in the now playing episode page, then you will get the skip buttons, as shown in the following screenshots.

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    • What does the "E" next to an episode title mean?

      The "E" symbol next to the title of an episode means that it contains explicit content. 
    • What is the difference between "Playlist" and "Next Up"/"Up Next"?

      The “Playlist” and the “Next Up” list are not the same (or always consistent). “Playlist” consists only of episodes you’ve added (by clicking the “three lines and a plus” button). “Next Up” shows upcoming episodes of a podcast you’re currently ...
    • How can I know the next billing date for my premium service?

      1. Google Play Store
 Please open the Google Play Store app - click Menu – Subscriptions – find Castbox – check the first charge date. 2. Apple App Store
 Please go to the App Store app – "Today" tab – click the figure button in the top right corner ...
    • Does the app sync across devices?

      Yes, if you are using Castbox on Android, iOS or web system, by logging in with the same account, your subscriptions, playback progress, favorites, history could be synced across devices. Please note that preferences and settings don't sync across ...
    • Why did the downloads fail when the app ran in the background? (iOS)

      Due to the limitation of the iOS system, the app could not download episodes without playing anything. For example, if you listen to an episode while navigating away from the app, the app could continue downloading; if you just navigate away from the ...