Does the app sync across devices?

Does the app sync across devices?

Yes, if you are using Castbox on Android, iOS or web system, by logging in with the same account, your subscriptions, playback progress, favorites, history could be synced across devices.

Please note that preferences and settings don't sync across devices. If you change device or reinstall the app, you need to set up again.

The sync feature could work in our latest Android, iOS app and our web version. 

Normally, if you log in the app across devices using the same account, the sync feature will work every 20-30 minutes. After subscribing to a podcast, and after 20-30 minutes, it could display on other versions.

If you want the podcasts to stay in sync with each device instantly, we are afraid you need to kill the app first and then relaunch it. The steps are:

1. Close the Castbox app first and remove it from the background apps/recent apps on the device on which you have used Castbox recently.
2. Restart the Castbox app by launching it again on the same device.
3. Next, close the Castbox app and remove it from the background apps/recent apps on the device on which you have NOT used Castbox recently. Then restart the Castbox app.
4. After restarting the app, please wait for a few seconds (30-60 seconds) to check if the progress can be synced properly. Note that a stable network connection is necessary for this.

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