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            Castbox Ambassador Program

            Join the global Castbox community by promoting your countries local content!


            The Castbox Ambassador Program enables podcast enthusiasts around the world to share their local content and engage with the global community. 

            If selected as an Ambassador, you'll receive an official letter via email. There are goodies too! Free Castbox Premium membership during your time as an ambassador and access to other ambassadors all over the world. There's even a chance to be employed by Castbox and become a full-time employee.

            What does a Castbox Ambassador do?

            Recommend podcasts to Castbox each month to be featured in the App.

            Suggest ways to optimize user experience in their local market.

            Identify opportunities to better market Castbox in their local market.

            Help with translation

            Language requirement: English 

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            Updated: 02 Jun 2019 05:15 PM
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