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            Explore your Castbox - User Guide

            Hi, thank you for choosing Castbox! Take a screen tour to know your Castbox better.

            Home page

            When you open your Castbox, the first screen that you see is the home page.

            1. Discover tab - there are lots of recommendations/suggestions.
            2. Community tab - a good place for you to express your idea about the content.
            3. Library tab - your Downloads, Playlist, New Episodes, Favorites and Listening History are all in this tab.
            4. Personal tab - you can edit your personal profile and check app settings, etc.
            5. Categories - click here to check podcasts in different categories, such as Comedy, Business, Health, etc.
            6. Audiobooks - find the audiobooks you are interested in here.
            7. Radio - enjoy the live radio stations.
            8. Originals - the list of shows that belong to Castbox originals.
            9. Networks - find the podcast networks here, such as NPR, Wondery, etc. 
            10. Search feature - you can search channels/episodes/audiobooks/networks/audio/radio, and add the RSS feed.
            11. Download icon - to access your downloads quickly. 

            Show Info page

            Click to enter a podcast/channel, you will get the following page. Click the "Subscribe" button, you can add this podcast to your subscriptions. After subscribing to the podcast, this button will turn into grey, then click it, you can remove it from your subscriptions.

            1. Play an episode quickly - click the cover of this episode.
            2. Download an episode.
            3. The "search" icon is for you to search episodes within the channel; the "filter" icon is for you to filter the unplayed or downloaded episodes; the "sort" icon is to change the sort of episodes from newest to oldest or oldest to newest.
            4. More settings of this channel.

            Episode Details page

            By clicking the title area of an episode, you can get the following page.

            1. Add the episode to your Favorites section. 
            2. Leave a comment to this episode.
            3. Download.
            4. Add/Remove the episode from your Playlist section.
            5. Mark the episode as played.

            Now Playing page

            While you are listening to an episode, we call the following page as the now playing page. 

            1. Cast button - when your phone and cast devices (Chromecast or Google Home) connect to the same WIFI, this button will be highlighted, click it, you can cast the episode to these devices.
            2. Playback settings button - you can enable/disable volume boost, trim silence and set the playback speed here.
            3. Duration change - long press 10s or 30s button, you can change the duration from 5s to 30s.
            4. Sleep timer.

            Library tab

            You can find your downloaded episodes, playlist, new episodes from your subscribed podcast, favorites, and listening history (the clock-like icon on the top right corner) here.

            Personal tab

            In this tab, you can edit your personal info and change the app settings, etc. 

            1. View and change your profile (image, username, age, etc.)
            2. Upgrade your Castbox account to the premium one or input the redeem code to go premium.
            3. Customize your Castbox by changing the settings. 

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            Updated: 29 Apr 2019 06:25 PM
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