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            How to start a Livecast show with your desktop web browser?

            Have you imagined doing a live audio show and then creating a podcast out of the recording?  With Livecast, you can achieve this by using your phone. Apart from that, you can also interview your guest online and connect with your listeners on air, who can also leave a comment in real time.  

            Currently, Livecast is available if you change the "Region" under the "Personal" tab to Brazil, India, Korea, or China. Livecast will soon be available for all regions. Please stay tuned.  

            Start a Livecast show with your desktop web browser

            Starting a live show has never been so easy. All you need to do is logging to Creator Studio on our website.  Already logged in? Then you're already a live-caster!  You can do multiple shows at different moments in the Livecast room associated with your account. 

            Set up Your Livecast Room

            Click “Livecast” on the left panel once you logged in to Creator Studio. 

            You can set up the basic information for your Livecast, such as the title, greeting message, tags, and cover art. Apart from that, there are three advanced settings. 
            1. Notify fan
              1. If enabled, your followers will receive a push notification when you start your show. 
            2. Explicit content
              1. Label your show as explicit if needed. 
            3. Private
              1. Check here if you'd like to do a test or keep your show private. In this way, other users can only find your live show through the link of your Livecast room that you shared with them. 
            Click "START NOW" on the bottom right corner. If you started a Livecast for the first time, your browser might ask the permission to use your microphone, as shown in the screenshot below. Please click "Agree".

            Tools and Controls Available While on Air

            Livecast makes it much easier for you to interview your guest and interact with your audience. 

            Update Room Setting

            1. Room Setup Section
              1. Your current Room Setting is displayed in the section. After clicking “Edit” and you can update the room setting on Air without restarting your show. Click “Save” to save your settings.

            1. Listeners Section
              1. Check all your online listeners, admins, and blocked users here. Please note that only listeners who have logged in their Castbox account will be shown the listener list. 
              2. You can block a user or set a user as admin of your Livecast room by tapping the three-dots button. 

            1. Call-in Section
              1. Connecting with listeners in your Livecast room. Interviewing your guest remotely. Hosting your show with your friends. You can do all these things with Livecast. Listeners will see a "JOIN" button displayed on the bottom right corner. By tapping this button, listeners initiate a voice call.

              1. It is recommended that you connect with less than eight listeners at the same time. 

            Updated: 27 Apr 2019 10:11 PM
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