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            Livecast for listeners

            Livecast means Live Podcast, which is like a radio show. During the show, the listeners can interact with the host via voice, text messages and call-in. Listeners can donate rewards to the host through virtual gifts.

            Currently, Livecast is available if you set Castbox to these regions: United States, Brazil, India, South Korea, and China. We will gradually open it to more regions. Please stay tuned.  

            Join a livecast

            Ongoing and scheduled Livecast would appear in the “Livecast” section on the homepage.

            Click to join live chatting rooms. If you like the show, you can follow the host or send the livecaster some gifts by coins. You can also tap the host’s profile image and go to the profile page to find out more about him/her.

            When a podcaster hosts a Livecast show (under the condition that he already claims the channel on Castbox), you will become his/her follower by default if you subscribed to his/her podcast.


            You can call in and chat with the host by clicking the “JOIN” button on the bottom. The host has the right to decide whether to accept your call or not.

            Virtual Gifts

            You can use Coins to buy virtual gifts and donate them to the host. The host will receive the equivalent amount of stars.


            What is Coin?
            The Coin is the virtual currency in Castbox, which is used to purchase items. Currently, it could be used to purchase virtual gifts. It will be used in more scenes in the future.

            How to recharge your coins?
            You can go to your "Personal" tab - "My Wallet" to purchase Coins.

            How to send gifts?
            After you joined the Live room, you can click the “Gift” button on the bottom right corner, choose the gift you’d like to send to the podcasters, select the amount and click “SEND”. 

            If your coin balance is not enough for the gift, you can tap the coin balance on the bottom left corner and recharge your coin.

            My followed Livecasts

            You can enter the Livecast tab and find your followed Livecast shows if you set Castbox to these regions: Brazil, India, South Korea, and China. If you set the region to United States, you can also find them in the Library tab.

            Push notification

            Your will receive a push notification automatically if the Livecaster you follow turns "Notify Fans" ON when the Live show starts. You can also click bell icon again to opt out of the push notification.


            If the livecaster uploads the show to his/her replay channel, you will be able to find the replays in the profile page.

            Alternatively, you can go to your following page - click to enter the host's profile page - find the scheduled time of the next Livecast show and replays.

            Updated: 28 Apr 2019 08:05 PM
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