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            How to use livecast in Castbox?

            Have you imagined doing a live show and then creating a podcast out of the recording?  With Livecast, you can interview your guest online and connect with your listeners on air. Listeners can also leave a comment in real time.  

            Currently, Livecast is available if you change the "Region" under the "Personal" tab to Brazil, India, Korea, or China. Livecast will soon be available for all regions. Please stay tuned.  

            Listen to a live show

            1. Under the Live tab, tap any artwork to join a live show room. If you like the show, you can follow the livecaster i.e. the host and support her/him by donating virtual gifts. 

            Start a live show with your phone

            1. Under the Live tab,  tap the orange broadcasting button on the top right corner to create a live show room. You can set up the title of your show, write a greeting to listeners, and upload an artwork for your show.
            1. To record the whole show, simply turn on Auto Record. 
            1. You can make a schedule for your next live show. Castbox will send a notification to your followers when the show starts. The schedule will be displayed on multiple pages to reach the broad audience on Castbox.
            1. If your show contains explicit content inappropriate for teenagers, please switch on 19+. 
            1. After finishing the setup, click "START NOW" and enjoy livecasting. : ) 

            On Air

            1. It's easy to connect with your listeners. Tap the phone button at the bottom, you can bring your listeners on air.
            1. If you need to mute your mic, switch off the mic button at the bottom. 
            1. Tap the listener list button, you will see all listeners. If you want to block a certain listener, tap the listener and then choose the three-dots button, and Block. Blocked users can’t send messages to you, or follow you, or enter your live show room. 
            1. Feel free to share your live show to major social platforms at any time. 

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