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            What should I do if playback stops? (Android)

            Please identify the issue first based on the following tips:

            1. Is your device on battery-saving mode?
            2. Are you using any cache-clearing or power-saving apps?
            If yes, please turn them off.

             Stop playing when phone sleeps/phone is locked

            Please check if you ever put the app in the sleep list. If so, please remove the app out of the list.

            For Google Pixel phones, please go to the phone Settings – Apps & notifications – Castbox – Battery – Battery optimization – All apps – Castbox, and set it to “Don’t optimize”. 

            For other phone models, please check if there is a similar setting (Settings – Battery – set Castbox as “Not optimized”) on your phone. Or, please go to the phone Settings - Device care - Battery - Castbox, and turn off the "Put app to sleep" setting.

             Stop playing when the app runs in the background/in the middle of the playback

            Please go to the app “Personal” page – “About” – “Contact us” – “Submit report via email”, and shoot us a message regarding the situation. Please send us some screenshots or a screen recording so we can further look into it.
            If the tip above doesn't work, please provide us more info about the following questions. They are important clues and give us more details so that we can further investigate the issue. Please make sure you don't omit any of them.

            1) Does it stop when the app runs in the background? Or does it stop when the app is on the screen and open? If you open the now playing page, does it still happen?

            2) Does the playback pause when you play the downloads or stream them? If both, does it occur more often when playing downloads or streaming?

            3)  In the mean time, does the app close? Do you see the Castbox logo when entering the app again?

            4) Does this problem tend to happen in the middle of an episode or at the very end of an episode?

            5) Do the player control buttons in the drop down menu disappear?

            6) Please send us your phone model (including brand name and version: eg. Samsung Galaxy Note 9) and the Android system version.

            Thank you!

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            Updated: 05 May 2019 07:47 PM
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