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            Settings on the "Personal" tab - Android


            If you change to another country/region, the contents on the “Discover” tab will be changed accordingly.
            Please note that the app language is according to your phone settings, changing regions within the app would not affect the app language.

            Linked accounts

            You can link your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Line accounts together to one Castbox account. Then you can use any of them to log in.
            Please notice that since Castbox offers different login methods, if you selected different entries to sign in instead of linking them inside the app, Castbox will recognize them as different accounts. If you have accidentally created another Castbox account using your Twitter, it will not be able to link inside the app to your other Castbox account.

            Mobile data usage

            If the “Stream” and/or “Download” options are disabled, the episodes would not be played or downloaded under mobile data. If the “Show Episode Covers” is turned off, the covers of episodes in each channel won’t be displayed.

            Notification settings

            The settings are enabled by default. You can choose to receive them or not. “New episodes” could be clicked to set if you’d like to receive the new episodes notifications from your subscribed podcasts and the podcasts you’ll subscribe later.

            Dark theme

            Enable it, you can enjoy the dark theme.

            Lock screen player

            There are six kinds of lock screen players, you can enable this feature and choose the one you like.

            Personalize Homepage

            This is a premium feature. For the premium users, the homepage could be personalized with four options: "Discover", "Search", "Library" and "Personal".
            For example, if you want to see you subscriptions first, you could set "Library" as the homepage. Then, the next time you open the app, your Library would show up. 

            Skip episode

            Turn it ON to allow the forward button on your external control (i.e. car) to skip to the next episode.

            Pause for interruptions

            Turn it ON, and the player will pause for alerts, navigation instructions, etc. from other apps.

            Auto remove

            Turn it ON, this Auto Delete setting will automatically remove finished episodes from your Playlist.

            Auto skip

            Turn it ON, this way, only unplayed episodes will appear in your “Next up”.

            Headphone remote

            If it’s turned on, you can click the play/pause button once to play and pause the episode. Double click to fast forward by 30 seconds, and triple click to rewind by 10 seconds.

            Auto download

            You can set this feature for each subscribed podcast separately. Also, there is a global setting for you to disable or enable this for all subscriptions. The “Advanced options” could be clicked, there you can set whether to enable this feature for all new subscriptions later, and whether to download the episodes in your Playlist automatically.

            Auto delete

            Turn it ON, and this setting will remove downloaded episodes after they finish playing in 1 hour.

            Change storage location

            You can choose to store the downloaded episodes in the phone internal storage or SD card.

            OPML Import

            Export your subscriptions from your secondary podcast app as an .opml file. On Castbox, click this button, and select “Import from Other Podcast Apps”. Select your .opml file from earlier. Select the channels you would like to import onto Castbox, then click “Confirm” to complete the transfer. Also, you can import from our old purple app – “Podcast Player”, to make this, please make sure that the purple app is started and running in the background.

            OPML Export

            Click it, and your OPML file will be downloaded and exported successfully.

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            Updated: 06 May 2019 06:52 PM
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