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            Start a podcast on Castbox Android App

            Please note currently this function is only supported for Android device. For iOS users, you can create a channel in the Creator Studio on our desktop .

            Have you finally decided to start a podcast? Are you overwhelmed by the fancy features offered by other expensive hosting providers? No worries! By using Castbox, you are just a few taps away from creating your first podcast for free.

            Step 1

            Go to Podcaster folder under the “Personal” tab. 

            Step 2

            Tab the “recording” button at the bottom of the page to start recording an episode for your podcast or loading an audio file from local storage. After finishing, please tap “save” and then the audio file will be saved in your draft. Then you can upload the draft to a channel.

            Step 3

            Please note that first you need to input the basic information of the episode before you create a channel.

            Enter the basic information of the episode you uploaded. Input all necessary information of episode in the blank.

            You may have noticed that under the "Select a Show" tab, there is only one option named "Create a Show". This is because you have no channels currently. Once you created a channel, you would be able to select to which channel the episode will be published.

            Tap the “create a show” button. Enter the basic information of your podcast. Input all necessary information in the blank. After confirming, the channel will be created and the episode will be uploaded to this new channel.

            Updated: 08 Jul 2019 09:45 PM
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