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            How to start a Livecast show with your phone?

            Have you imagined doing a live audio show and then creating a podcast out of the recording?  With Livecast, you can achieve this by using your phone. Apart from that, you can also interview your guest online and connect with your listeners on air, who can also leave a comment in real time.  

            Currently, Livecast is available if you change the "Region" under the "Personal" tab to Brazil, India, Korea, or China. Livecast will soon be available for all regions. Please stay tuned.  

            Start a Livecast show with your phone

            Starting a live show has never been so easy. All you need to do is logging in to Castbox.  Already logged in? Then you're already a live-caster!  You can do multiple shows at different moments in the Livecast room associated with your account. 

            Find Your Livecast Room 

            Check out your Livecast room by going to the "Personal" tab. You might find some fans have already followed you. Indeed, listeners can follow you to get updates from you. Also, they can support you by donating virtual gifts. 

            Set up Your Livecast Room

            To set up your Livecast room, tap the "Livecast" button. You can set up the basic information for your Livecast, such as the title, greeting message, tags, and cover art. Apart from that, there are four advanced settings. Effects of these four toggle switches are shown in the screenshot below. 

            Before starting the podcast, please remember to charge your phone and make sure it has enough power. After finishing the setup, click "START NOW" and enjoy livecasting.

            Schedule a Livecast show with your phone

            You can also schedule a live show in on the Livecast room setup page. After taping the SCHEDULE button, you will be able to set up the date for your next live show, as shown in the screenshot below. It is supported to schedule a Livecast show at most 15 days in advance. 

            Your live show schedule will also be displayed under the Discover tab if Livecast section is available there. Here's an example of a scheduled live show. 

            Tools and Controls Available While on Air

            Livecast makes it much easier for you to interview your guest and interact with your audience. 

            Real-time Comments

            Comments left by listeners are displayed in real time. Have fun interacting with your listeners.

            You can block a user on the fly if he or she is leaving inappropriate comments in your Livecast room. To do this, simply tap the user’s profile image to, then hit the three-dots button on the top right corner and select "Block".

            Blocked user will be forced to leave your Livecast room and will not be able to message you, follow you, or enter your livecast room. You can check all your blocked users from the Block list.


            Connecting with listeners in your Livecast room. Interviewing your guest remotely. Hosting your show with your friends. You can do all these things with Livecast. 

            Listeners will see a "JOIN" button displayed on the bottom right corner. By tapping this button, listeners initiate a voice call. 

            It is recommended that you connect with less than eight listeners at the same time. 

            Once you started your live show, there are five buttons available at the bottom of the page. 

            1. Change your Livecast room setting on the fly, such as room visibility, blocked users, and manage room admins. 

            2. Send real-time comments to your listeners. 
            3. Check call-in requests and connect with your listeners.
            4. Mute your mic. 
            5. Share your Livecast show. 

            End Show and Manage Recordings 

            Tap the "x" button to end your live show. Then you will be taken to a page showing the how many total listeners counts of the show, how many virtual gifts have you received in terms of diamonds, and how many likes you received. 

            If you've enabled audio recording before you started the show, you can upload the recording as a replay, which allows your fans to listen to your previous show. 

            Replays & Drafts

            Replays are the live show recordings that you've uploaded and published. Drafts are saved recordings that you haven't uploaded. 

            Please note that while replays are available across devices, drafts, audio files that haven't been uploaded, are only available on the phone that you used to do the live show. To check the drafts and replays, go to the "Personal" tab and then tap "Podcaster" button. 

            Replays and drafts are displayed under the corresponding tabs. By the way, channels you created on Castbox will be displayed under the "MY CHANNELS" tab.

            Updated: 27 Apr 2019 09:35 PM
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