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            The sound is lowered when a notification comes, how could I do to stop notification sound? (Android)

            When the notifications come,
            1) if you do not enable "Pause for interruptions" feature in the app Settings, the sound will be lowered, thus you may miss something.
            2) if you enable "Pause for interruptions" in the app Settings, the player will pause and continue after the notifications.

            If you'd like to make the player keep playing without any lower sound and pause, please 
            1) disable the "Pause for interruption" setting;
            2) go to the app Personal tab - About - continuously click the version number under the logo until you access the development mode. In that page, you could find "Audio Focus", and change it into "false". Then please restart the app. 
            Updated: 14 Mar 2019 09:24 PM
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