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            Tips for Livecast Hosts

            Learn how Livecast differs from your podcast

            Plan Ahead

            What will I talk about?

            1. Pick a straightforward topic. The simpler it is, the stickier it will be with your audience.
            2. Remember that this isn’t a podcast. Listeners tune in to be a part of something happening in real time.

            What do I need to set up a Livecast- the first impression?

            1. Pick a show title that you will always stick with to build brand recognition, followed by a subtitle that is eye-catching and descriptive about your show today. This is a key step in getting the audience interested before tuning in.
            2. Use a 1400x1400 pixel cover image that relates to the topic and tone of your show.
            3. The “Greetings” message is the first thing users see when they enter your Livecast - make it count!
            4. Schedule your Livecast so people can see it in advance, and start on time.

            How will people know about my Livecast?

            1. Recruit friends to join the chat and dial in and boost participation.
            2. Promote your show! Spread the word by posting your showroom link on social media in advance.
            3. Your show may be listed on the top position in Castbox Livecast section.
            4. Remind listeners to follow you, so they can be notified for your next Livecast.
            5. Take advantage of extra features such as: alert your fans, mark explicit content, hold an invite-only session, or record and upload your Livecast.

            Where should I host my Livecast?

            1. Castbox reaches most countries in the world. Currently, English Livecast shows will reach English speaking countries, i.e., the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. In general, 7 AM to 5 PM is Castbox busy hours with the heaviest traffic. Based on your topics, pick a local time that can reach the widest audience.

            Where should I be when hosting my Livecast?

            1. Pick a quiet place with good sound quality.
            2. If you have a recording booth and mic, use them. Don’t have a booth? Rugs and other fabrics can absorb unwanted background noise.

            What if I’m nervous about speaking to fans in real-time?

            1. Prepare an outline for structure.
            2. Rehearse! While you may want your Livecast to be a natural, spontaneous event, it’s a good idea to practice ahead of time to get some of the kinks out.
            3. Practice for the real thing: use private mode and try recording and uploading the file.
            4. Build in interactive moments during your show. Develop a quiz or some simple opinion-based questions to encourage audience engagement.
            5. Invite a co-host or guest to have a dialogue and encourage discussion.
            6. Make it fun by hosting a raffle or lucky draw giveaway event for fans. Castbox can help support this!

            During Livecast

            Pro Tip: Interaction is KEY!

            • Call out listeners when they enter the room, make them feel welcome! Reply to their comments, and thank them for gifts - always by name.

            • Encourage your listeners to participate: they can dial in, type messages if they’re shy, or show appreciation with virtual hearts and gifts.

            • Remind your listeners to enable microphone access in their phones when they dial in.

            • Ask listeners about their opinions on certain topics and ask them to share their personal experiences.

            • Remind listeners to follow you, so they can be notified for your next Livecast.

            • If you feel that listeners are losing attention, try another angle.

            • Remember to let listeners know when to tune in to your next Livecast.

            • Your audience is important: ask for feedback - what topics are they interested in for next time?

            Post Livecast

            1. Upload your recording as a “Replay” episode.
            2. Listen to your recording and determine what can be improved for next time.
            3. Schedule your next session.
            4. Post to your social media accounts.
            5. Ask Castbox to feature your Livecast:
            6. Join “Livecast Host Community 1” WhatsApp group:

            Updated: 09 Jun 2019 12:04 PM
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