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            What is "My Wallet"?

            On the app Personal tab, there is a "My Wallet" section. There are four kinds of "currency" - "Coin", "Star", "BOX" and "ETH". 

            About Coin

            1. What is the Coin?

            The Coin is the virtual currency in Castbox, which is used to purchase items. Currently, it could be used to purchase virtual gifts. It will be used in more scenes in the future.

            2. How to use the Coins?

            The brand-new Livecast feature will be fully released soon. To know more about it, please visit this article: How to use livecast in Castbox? In the live broadcast, you can reward the podcasters by sending coins to them.

            Enter the live room - click the "Gift button" on the right bottom corner - choose the gifts you’d like to send to the podcasters - click "SEND".

            NOTE: The “Live” feature is only available for India, South Korea, and China. It will be gradually open to more regions or countries.

            3.  How to get coins?

            You can go to My Wallet - Coin - and purchase, or in the live room - Gifts page - click a gift to recharge.

            About Star (for Android version)

            1. What is the Star?

            The Star is the virtual currency that you get by opening the live broadcasts.

            2. How to use Stars?

            You can exchange the Stars into Coins, or into the real money. 

            To exchange Stars into Coins: the feature is under the development, please stay tuned.

            To exchange the Stars into real money: please go to My Wallet - Star - Cash out.

            3.  How to get Stars?

            If listeners send you the virtual gifts during the live broadcasts, you can get the stars of the equal value.

            About BOX

            1. What is BOX?

            BOX is a digital token issued by ContentBox, a blockchain technology built for the digital content industry. By bringing creators, users, partners and advertisers together in a new shared economy, ContentBox will revolutionize the way we create digital media apps and consume digital content.

            2. What can the Box Token (BOX) be used for?

            In the short term, BOX will be Castbox’s primary transaction currency. You can use it to donate to your favorite podcaster, purchase premium memberships, promote your creative content or participate in contests within the app. Once the ContentBox blockchain is rolled out, you will be able to spend BOX outside of Castbox in other apps within the ContentBox ecosystem. All payments in the ContentBox ecosystem will be settled in BOX tokens.

            You can click the banner on the bottom of the Wallet page to exchange your BOX.

            3. What is ContentBox’s smart contract address?


            4. How can I get BOX tokens?

            Currently, BOX is available for trading on Huobi Pro, Bitfinex, etc.



            You can join our Castboxer Program to gain more BOX tokens. Join our Telegram group or Facebook group, you will get more info. 
            In the future, you can also get BOX tokens by engaging on Castbox through social sharing, contributing content and more.

            About ETH

            ETH is the cryptocurrency used in the Ethereum Platform - which is an open sourced software platform based on blockchain technology that enables developers to build and deploy decentralized applications.

            The platform offers technology such as Smart contracts to help store, secure and execute data effectively removing the need of third parties.

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            Updated: 27 Jun 2019 01:17 PM
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