Can I add a prefix from Chartable or Podtrac to the enclosure URL?

Can I add a prefix from Chartable or Podtrac to the enclosure URL?

Yes, adding URL prefix is supported on Castbox now. 
URL prefix is provided by some third party Podcast Analytics & Attribution platforms like Chartable to measure information like downloads, plays etc.
You will find the field labeled “prefix URL” in both Channel Basic Info page and Episode Basic Info page. 

Make sure the URL prefix is correct. Otherwise, the link of the episode will be wrong and the episode cannot be played.
Leave it empty if you do not have one. Do not input your official website or any unrelated items there.

URL Prefix for Channel 

Creator Studio- Channels- Created- Edit- Prefix URL

URL prefix input here will be applied globally. It will be inserted into the link to the audio file of each uploaded episode by default, so you don’t need to input again on the episode uploading page unless you need to add a customized URL prefix for a specific episode.

URL Prefix for Episode 

Creator Studio- Episodes- New Episode/Draft- Edit- Prefix URL

URL prefix input here will be applied only to this episode. It overrides the URL prefix set in the Channel Basic Info, which will be applied by default if you don’t input anything here.

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