Signed in using the wrong account. How do I change accounts?

Signed in using the wrong account. How do I change accounts?

Please check out this article: How do I log in/out my account in the app? and log out first. Then you can log in with the right account.

If you forget the way you signed up (Google or Facebook), please send us a list of possible email addresses. We will check it for you.

Please visit this article: How to contact us? to learn how to contact us.

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      Please go to Personal - Settings  - Linked accounts to link your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Line accounts together to one Castbox account. Then you can use any of them to log in. Please notice that since Castbox offers different login methods, if ...
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      If you'd like to change the Castbox-Email account's password, please log out the app first (The "Log out" button is at the bottom of the app Settings page), then in the login page, click "Email" button, and on the sign-in page, click "Forgot ...
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      We are sorry that there may be no direct way to change your email address and sync the account data to another new one.    However, you can use OPML export and import features to import your subscribed podcasts to your new account which you can ...
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      We are sorry that you cannot unlink accounts by yourself for now. Please contact us (How to contact us?) and we can help you unlink the accounts. Please tell us your email (the account that you log in the orange app - Castbox) and the way you log in ...