How to transfer my subscriptions from Google Podcasts to Castbox? - OPML Export and Import.

How to transfer my subscriptions from Google Podcasts to Castbox? - OPML Export and Import.

Whether you want to switch podcast platforms or simply back up your subscription data, Google's Takeout function and Castbox's OPML Import feature can be nice choices for you to seamlessly transfer your listening history from Google Podcasts to Castbox. 

Here are step-by-step instructions to export your Google Podcasts subscriptions and import them into Castbox:

Export Subscriptions from Google Podcasts
  1. To begin, visit Google Takeout in your web browser. Takeout allows you to download data associated with your Google Account in an archive file. On the Takeout page, there are two steps waiting to be completed.
*Please make sure you sign into the Google Account that you used to create the Google Podcasts account.

1. On the "Select data to include" section, check the box next to "Podcasts" under Products. This will include your podcast subscription data in the export.

2. Scroll down and go to the Next Step. Select the destination and choose the frequency. You can also decide the file type & size. And now you can create an export.

  1. Click "Create export" to initiate the export process. You will receive an email once the archive is ready for download if you choose to transfer the file to email. This may take some time depending on the size of your data. 

  1. Once complete, locate the downloaded ZIP archive and extract the OPML file contained within. This file holds your exported podcast subscriptions.

    You've come far in the export process. By visiting Google Takeout and selecting your podcast subscription data, you've completed the steps necessary to retrieve your listening history from Google Podcasts! 

    Import Subscriptions into Castbox

    1. Going forward, the instructions How can I import subscriptions from other podcast apps to Castbox? Try OPML Import! will guide you through intuitively importing this data into your new podcast player, Castbox. Please check and follow the article to import your subscriptions.

    Your Google Podcasts subscriptions will now be imported into Castbox. You can access all your favorite podcasts in one place going forward without missing an episode!

    Thank you for choosing Castbox as your podcast player and wish you the best in your future listening!
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