Start a podcast hosted on Castbox for free

Start a podcast hosted on Castbox for free

Have you finally decided to start a podcast? Are you overwhelmed by the fancy features offered by other expensive hosting providers? No worries! By using Castbox, you are just a few taps away from creating your first podcast for free.
There is no limit on uploading storage (total) for a channel.

Step 1
Go to Creator Studio on our desktop site and sign in. Please note that you will need to sign up a Castbox account if you haven't got one. 

Step 2
Click the “+ New Channel” button, fill out basic information about your podcast, and you'll be set up in no time.

Step 3
Record an episode for your podcast using your phone or other recording equipment you have. When you have an audio file ready to upload, click the cloud button, the middle one, on the top right corner. 

Select or drag and drop the audio file you'd like to upload. 

Step 4
Enter the basic information of the episode you uploaded. Title and description text fields are available on the left. Cover image for the episode is optional. Castbox will display the cover image of your channel if you haven't uploaded an artwork for the episode. 

Before publishing, you will need to set the publish time and specify which channel the episode belongs to. Your episodes will be displayed chronologically according to the publish time. You can either schedule an upload or change the order of published episodes by changing its publish time. 

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