Why can't I see my claimed podcast under "Podcaster" on the mobile app?

Why can't I see my claimed podcast under "Podcaster" on the mobile app?

You might notice there's a micro management center for podcaster as shown below in the app. 

Please be aware that this podcaster section on the mobile app is only intended for podcasts hosted on Castbox not claimed channels. You can't manage your claimed channel or upload anything from here because it's not hosted on Castbox, so it won't appear here.

You can only see your claimed channel on the web media manager. Learn how to here: Manage Your Podcast using Creator Studio

Here's what you can do on Castbox after claiming the ownership:
1. Track the show's performance on Castbox
2. Associate your Castbox channel with social media accounts
3. Engage with listeners and fans in comments section
4. Receive donations from your listeners
5. Control the promotional advertisement on the play page 

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